Seventh Season Creative

Basic Project Terms & Conditions

When working with Seventh Season, a client agrees to adhere to the below terms and conditions:

1. Our Operating Hours

Operational hours are from 09h00 to 16h30 from Monday to Friday (excluding officially promulgated public holidays in the Republic of South Africa or closed office days specified by Seventh Season in advance).

Any overtime hours specifically requested by client will be billed at 2x the regular Seventh Season hourly rate.

2. Master / Open / Working Files

Editable, original working/development “master” files are and remain the creative and intellectual property of Seventh Season, and do not form part of the final project deliverable.

In specific cases, ​Master files​ may be supplied in an “as-is” state upon request, at the discretion of Seventh Season. Master files are considered to be unpolished and unsupported, with no further obligations from the service provider in terms of structure, usability, licenses or other. Master files may include content that the client will need to re-license, such as fonts, images etc. Professional software may also be required to utilise the files. Quotations can be provided for Seventh Season to create prepared, supported templates for the client.

3. Project Turnover Times

Minimum turnover time is 7 working days for design work and 6-8 working weeks for websites. This timeframe is subject to change depending on the type & scope of work, as well as client communication and content delivery.

Should a client require deliverables sooner that the minimum specified above and Seventh Season is able to accommodate, the client will be billed a 2x regular hourly rate urgency fee.

4. Additional Revisions and Out-Of-Scope Requests

The amount of revisions on a deliverable, as well as its scope will be specified on it's invoice and/or Service Level Agreement. Any changes, revisions or additional work requested over and above the initial agreement will be billed at Seventh Season's hourly rate of R600.00 per hour. Changes must be requested in writing or email.

5. Project Cancellation Policy

Either Party may terminate the project by giving fourteen days (14) prior day written notice. Termination of a project already underway will initiate a termination fee of 50% of the outstanding balance as well as any legal fees incurred by Seventh Season in ensuring the account settlement. If the client contact fails to maintain acceptable communication or goes dormant in communications for an extended period no shorter than one calendar month, the project will be classified as terminated.

6. General Terms

  • Seventh Season will not take part in any disputes nor assume any responsibility for any damages and/or legal action if the material supplied by the client is not supplied under proper license from the copyright holder of such material. If it becomes clear that material was provided without the required license or permission, changes to a project to remove illegal content will be at the Client's cost.

  • Seventh Season will not be held responsible for delays outside of our control, i.e equipment failure, acts of God, nature, power failures, internet connectivity failures, delays by the client, delays by a third party or contractor etc., however Seventh Season commits to completing all projects for our clients in a reasonable timeframe where possible.

  • Seventh Season reserves the right to stop or cancel any work on any project and refund the Client any remuneration paid by the Client for the project in question outside of their non-refundable deposit. Such an action would only be prompted by Seventh Season due to the following:

    • A Client attempts to change or alter the scope of the project during the project period for their own benefit.
    • A Client makes unresolvable demands which cannot or will not be met.
    • A Client makes a request which Seventh Season cannot or chooses not to undertake at our discretion.
    • A Client becomes abusive in any way, verbal, written or physically.
    • The Seventh Season schedule is overloaded, in which case Seventh Season will offer a later stage with which to continue the project, or suggest a company that can help instead.
    • Seventh Season discovers that a client may be engaged in illicit activities, project related or not.
    • A dispute arises between Seventh Season and the Client that cannot be amicably resolved in basic correspondence.

  • Seventh Season reserves the right to request a different point of contact within the Client’s company, who will be required to bring assist in bringing the project to completion if Seventh Season feels that it is unable to work productively or amicably with the current point of contact.

  • Seventh Season reserves the right to use any designs created for our Clients in marketing or promotional material used for Seventh Season.